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Tujuan dari Boiler Group I&C (The aim of I&C Boiler Group)

FSSS (Furnace Safeguard Supervision System)
( Boiler )

  •         Burner Management: The control of the burner oil gun and ignition process.
  •         Burner Management: To prevent the burning flame in boiler furnace from extinguishing.
  •         Boiler Safeguard: Preventing explosion or implosion of the boiler due to over-pressure etc.
  • Boiler Safeguard: The surveillance and control measures of the automation system.

FSSS consist of two types of system: Burner Management System and Furnace Safeguard Supervision System. The design of FSSS system is accord with US standards, NFPA8502 National Fire Protection Association Standard and other relevant technical standards.

BMS (Burner Management System)

  •         Burner oil gun and ignition process (Start/Stop Sequence Control)
  •         Pulverized-Coal combustion control (Start/Stop Sequence Control)
  •         Pulverized-Coal Machine Control System

FSS (Furnace Safety System)

  •         Comply with the NFPA8502 standards.
  •         Burner blow/purge
  •         Oil fuel system leakage test
  •         Emergency Trip (MFT (Master Fuel Trip) /OFT (Oil Fuel Trip) Function

Safeguard and Supervision :

  •         To monitor the continuous operation of the boiler
  •         To produce Oil Fuel Trip (OFT) or Master Fuel Trip (MFT) signal rapidly and accurately.
  •         Though hardwire logic, carry out the relevant protection action for OFT/MFT signal.
  •         To put the emergency trip signal to BMS system and finish corresponding protection action.
  •         When MFT occurs, to keep the air intake of the boiler, removes the flammable object in the burner, hearth. Before satisfying relevant permitting conditions, prevent the fuel from entering the burner.
  •         Manual MFT trip function.
  •         Automatic record and display the “Tripping Reason”.


A modern recovery boiler consists of heat transfer surfaces made of steel tube; furnace-1, superheaters-2, boiler generating bank-3 and economizers-4. The steam drum-5 design is of single-drum type. The air and black liquor are introduced through primary and secondary air ports-6, liquor guns-7 and tertiary air ports-8. The combustion residue, smelt exits through smelt spouts-9 to the dissolving tank-10.



  1. bagi ilmu tentang electrical work nya pltu dong. dapat tugas baru yang bener2 baru, jadi blank.

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